EVENT RECAP: J.Jill Re-Opens in Style at the Galleria Mall

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Prior to last Tuesday, I had never stepped inside a J.Jill store. I of course knew of the store. In fact, if anyone ever asked me where J. Jill was located inside the mall, I was able to tell them without blinking, "Next to New York & Company, across from Macy's and the Fountain".  I have passed J. Jill a million and one times on my way to other stores in that wing of the mall, but never stepped inside. Why? Well to be honest, I always assumed the design aesthetic and the target audience was a little bit older than what I was looking for.  The window displays always looked polished, but I really couldn't envision myself in their clothes.  However, when their PR Team invited me to attend their re-opening party at their new location in the Galleria Mall, I gladly accepted.  I accepted for a few reasons, 1. I had never been inside the store, and what better way to explore a store that I've never stepped foot in than a grand opening party? and 2. I like to think that I have readers of all ages who visit my blog, and J.Jill could be a great place for my older audience to shop!!

The event was from 4-7 pm and I arrived at 6. I ran into a few other bloggers and Houston Chronicle Editor, Joy Sewing. I admit, the first thing I did when walking into the store was grab a couple mini-cupcakes (my hunger-monster was kicking in coming straight from work) and then I introduced myself to the Corporate PR Director for J. Jill! She took me on a tour of the store and broke down the different areas! I was thoroughly impressed by the offering inside J. Jill, especially since they go up to size 18 (My size!). They also offer additional plus-sizes online. Overall, I still think the store's aesthetic is for an older woman, but there were definitely pieces in the store that I loved, especially the accessories! After the tour, the fab #JJillStyle team allowed us to try on clothes and pick out a look to go home with. How fun is that? I picked out the perfect button-down (and I say perfect, because it actually closed across my chest, while being in the size I needed) and a cute pencil skirt. I also chose the long metal pendant necklace I saw all over the store and matching earrings. I'll be doing a completely separate post on my cute #OOTD from J. Jill.

This is the pendant necklace that I loved and saw everywhere in the store. It really went with everything! I'm really into long statement necklaces and the hammered metal is classic and will never go out of style.
Sets of bracelets take the guess work out of  the stacked bracelet trend!

I had to zoom in on the spotted beads. I called them the Dalmatian stones!
I need every last one of these scarves in my closet right now!

I love the print on this cardigan! Even though it's 1,000 degrees in Houston, every girl should own a classic cardigan for those cold AC days in the office!
Lots of fun prints!

I tried on this gingham top! I loved it. I will have to go back and purchase it! 

J. Jill was also giving back to The Women's Home last week. 20% of every purchase went to The Women's Home, so there was material available about the charity. 
This is amazing! Every store should do this!
I like the sexy assymetric neckline on this black shirt (L) and the cut-open back on the mannequin on the right.
I told you that pendant necklace was everywhere!
Talk about comfy chick! These 3/4 inch sleeve hoodies just made me want to relax!
The hi-lo trend is here to stay!
Fun Aztec-inspired print
One of my favorite parts of the new store was the fitting rooms! They were so big and welcoming. I want my closet to look like this when I buy a house!

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For more on J.Jill, visit the following sites:

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