WHAT I WORE: College Spirit

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yay!!! I finally received my hard drive back from Best Buy....yes I had yet another epic hard drive fail, and had to pay $1500 for Data Recovery. It took 4+ weeks but I have my files back, so I'll be blogging everything I was unable to blog during the time I lost my files.  First I'll start with what I wore for my February fashion segment on Great Day Houston.  The last segment I did was on 'Fashionable College Spirit'. I styled 6 looks to represent a unique way to show off your school spirit. To support the theme of the segment I wanted to represent my Alma Mater, Bucknell University. Bucknell's colors are orange and blue, so I paired my college hoodie with my neon orange Bandolino pumps.  I also picked to wear my wig that has more of an orange undertone to go with the orange and blue. Holly from Hollyewood Beauty once again gave me a gorgeous braided hairstyle, and makeup artist Shatara Davis did my makeup! I loved my look!

Hoodie: Bucknell University Bookstore circa.....let's just say my college days
Bucknell T-Shirt: BU Bookstore 
Jeans: INC International Concepts
Pumps: Bandolino
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

I even look stylish on the phone

Ray Bucknell!

Bandolino Pumps

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