FEATURED: Guest Blog Post on VernettaRFreeney.com

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I've been friends with Vernetta since 2011 when she was running her previous site: Women Are Gamechangers.  We have guest blogged on each other's sites over the years, and recently she asked me to guest post on her new site: VernettaRFreeney.com on the topic of "Speaking Up or Being Silent?" It's no secret that I'm outspoken & opinionated, and likewise so is Vernetta! She wanted me to blog about my experiences being outspoken and if this (what I think is an AMAZING) personality trait has hinder the growth of my blog & brand.  So head on over to her site and check out what I have to say on the matter! 

READ FULL POST HEREhttp://vernettarfreeney.com/speak-silent-hurts-brand/

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