THE EVENT: Fashion Truck Festival

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Everyone knows about food trucks, but what about fashion trucks? Yes food is not the only thing to go mobile.  Local Houston Boutiques have moved from the stationary Brick & Mortar store to shops on wheels.  Shoppers were invited to attended Houston's first ever Fashion Truck Festival last Saturday at Liberty Station Bar.  Not only were there fashion trucks, but there were food trucks, a mobile library, and a mobile art bus.  Live entertainment was provided by the bar and guests mingled and shopped the parked mobile boutiques.  

I definitely had a favorite store on wheels and that was Height of Vintage. I guess I liked it so much because the vehicle itself is vintage. It's a 1972 Scotty Sero named Stella.  Stella and her Height of Vintage contents are owned by the lovely Vanessa Mala.  She was so cute in her retro outfit that I had to take a picture with her.  I bought 3 things from her mobile shop: 2 pairs of vintage sunnies and the below vintage camera.   

With Vanessa Mala - Owner of Height of Vintage

So I'm pretty much obsessed with anything cats, being an avid cat lover, so I thought the name of this ice cream shop cart was cute and I wanted to know the story behind the name Fat Cat Creamery.  The ladies told me that the company is named after their late "plump" cat Wallace. I too have lost of cat and it was very touching to know they loved their cat so much to name their food stand after him!  I realize now that I actually didn't try any of their ice cream, but I'm sure it was amazing!  

For lunch I had a Grilled Macaroni and Cheese Pulled Pork Sandwich that was AMAZING from H-Town StrEATS! Who thinks of these food combinations!? I love it! Can't have a fashion truck festival without a food truck.
The Shoe Bar can really get a fashionista into trouble! With everything from shoes to sunglasses for sale, you could make the mobile shoe bar your one-stop shop!  At one point I got a little carried away and purchased $300 worth of stuff. After I came to my senses I had to return an item, but I kept my lovely Mint Green Shoes!

The lovely owners of The Shoe Bar
Live Band 

HFB Member Sara and her husband Juan arrive to enjoy the festival
I play this "Where's Waldo" game with my handbag called "Where's Michele today?" and this was the picture I took of her
Do you see the rainbow?
The Urban Izzy was another cool truck with lots of unique handcrafted accessories and clothes. I ended up leaving there with two chevron infinity scarves

The festival was such a unique and cool idea! I really hope they have another one!

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  1. I'll definitely go to the next one once I'm back in Htown. :)

    1. Yes I hope they have another one! It was a lot of fun! Even the rain couldn't keep us away! :-)


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