LLIS TRAVELS: Dallas Road Trip Day 1

Monday, July 15, 2013


For the 4th of July weekend, my friends and I took a spontaneous road trip to Dallas, Texas. I have nothing against Dallas, but I really didn't want to go to there again having just explored the city in December with Visit Dallas and the Houston Fashion Bloggers....alas I was outvoted.  So anyhoo we headed out late Friday afternoon on our 4 hour drive courtesy of Cami (That's what I've named my car). Actually, we never made it "Dallas" until the very last day when we went shopping at Galleria Dallas. We spent the majority of the weekend chilling in the hotel (Which was fine with me! I was exhausted from running around the City of Houston all week and lack of sleep).  We stayed at NYLO Hotel Las Colinas in Irving, TX, about 20 mins outside of Dallas. 

When I went shopping for a 4th of July Red, White & Blue outfit for Freedom Over Texas I might have gone a little crazy and bought a few R,W, & Blue options.  This was one look that I had in the back of my mind to wear to the festival, but ended up wearing it on our road-trip. I love this mesh top that I found at Buffalo Exchange. It's a great top for the Summer, and it was perfect for the continuation of my Independence Style.

Flats: H&M
Mesh Top: Buffalo Exchange
Tank: Forever 21
Shorts: INC Concepts


Pool Shark
Uh oh! Carmen's trying to mess with my shot
Carmen striking a pose in the spinning square chair
The lobby of NYLO
The NYLO Hotel Bar called The Loft

We love any photo opportunities that we can get!

Carment and I love pictures

Then we discovered IN & OUT Burger! I've always heard about this fast food joint, but have never been...mostly because they didn't exist whereever I lived, but in Dallas there was one right next door to the hotel, and we were hungry around midnight, so took a late night food run! How fun is In & Out that they give you hats to wear if you want them! Of course I took full advantage of this opportunity to act silly. 

Strike a pose! We finally got Valerie in some photos!
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  1. Love all the pics!!! Especially the 'messing up your pool shot' one lol. And I'm so glad you got to try In N Out Burger. One of the few things I miss from life in Los Angeles. Those burgers are the best!

    1. Thanks Jenn! Haha, yea by that time we were tired and acting goofy, but it was a really nice shot! Yea um In & OUT needs to be everywhere! I loved that place!

  2. Interesting blog.Being with sisters is a very happy thing.By looking your pics,I miss my best sisters.


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