NEW CONCEPT: My Pumps Year Round

Friday, April 19, 2013

Go from peep-toe to closed-toe in one easy step! I used to live up north, so I know what happens in the Winter time...more than likely your open-toed and peep-toed shoes go away for 6 months until the warmth of Spring brings them back out. Now you don't have to worry about that. You can convert your peep-toes to a closed toe shoes and wear them all winter long! How you may ask? Check out ShaTona Mathis' new concept: My Pumps Year Round (MPYR). 

MPYR is an innovative & unique shoeline that allows you to convert the shoe from peep-toe to closed toe in a matter of seconds. You can convert your pumps with a simple snap of the toe box shoe cover. It's really getting 2 pairs of shoes in 1 that can be worn whenever you desire. With a full color line and interchangeable toe box covers your pumps can be an effortless extension of your personal style.



Not only will you be able to convert pumps, but the MPYRs plan to come in flats too!  So you may be wondering how you can get a hold of these shoes?  Well right now they are not available...I know right :-(, but YOU CAN HELP them be in every store in America! How! ShaTona's idea is ready to launch, but she needs backers.  She is currently campaigning on the crowd-funded site Kick-Starter to reach her goal of $25,000 to launch this line.  If you pledge to her cause you also get a reward!  There are different rewards for the level of your pledge but some rewards are below.  These items will be black and have the fuschia MPYR logo on them.   The higher you go with your pledge you get into the levels of receiving free pairs of MPYRs! Go HERE to learn more about the product, ShaTona and pledge.


ShaTona only has 16 more days to reach her goal and be funded! Won't you help? 


*This is a sponsored post.  I only promote sponsored posts that I would endorse on my own, and align with the message of my blog. Thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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