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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Skip n Whistle is a New Orleans based company that specializes in screen-printed tees and scarves.  They were interested in sending me one of their new American Apparel Jersey Knit scarves to test out.  I love scarves, and who doesn't want a soft scarf to wear! They gave me a few print options to choose from and I was close to choosing the anchor one, when lo and behold my eyes set on this periodic table crossbody bag...Most of you know that I'm an Engineer in my day-life, a Chemical Engineer at that, so I have a mild obsession with all things science and chemistry, hence why I fell in love with the Periodic Table print, however they didn't have it available on the scarves at the time, but SNW was so sweet and made one for me anyway! I like to think I'm the reason that the periodic table scarf is now up for sale on their site! Now when I'm being fashionable, I can have my nerdy, engineering side with me too!

Scarf: c/o Skip n Whistle
Jeans: New York & Company
Top: New York & Company
Hat: Circa my college years
Tank: New York & Company

Genevieve at SNW sure wasn't lying when she said they were soft! I've been wearing this scarf everyday since I've received it!!! And I've needed it too! Houston's decided to be funny this time of year and actually be waking up to $40 cold.  Perfect for a scarf and bomber jacket.  I wore this look to go to the Museum of Fine Arts with my friend Viviana.  I've been attending so many fashion events, that I've forgotten to do some of the other things that I like to do, like go to museums...and it helps that the museum is FREE on Thursday nights.  We went to see the Portrait of Spain and the other exhibits. However after a few hours we were soo exhausted from reading everything that we weren't able to see everything in the TWO building museum. It's going to take a series of free Thursday nights to get through everything! 





In addition to sending me this really fun scarf, they also sent me a Cat-Shirt from their Cat Campaign! Bloggers around the world participated in the campaign by creating fun cat T-shirts.  Which one do you think I picked?

This t shirt has an image of catês head and the words crazy cat lady on the front. It is in black ink. This t shirt has an image of Meow cat head on the front. It is in black ink.This t shirt has an image of a lady in stockings behind the head of a black cat on the front. It is in black ink.Cat t shirt

I opted for the Crazy Cat Lady Shirt - I love cats!
For more information on Skip N Whistle check them out on their sites below:
Etsy Boutique

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