THE EVENT: Technology Skincare line IOMA launches at Saks

Monday, March 18, 2013

I like makeup and skincare, I just don't "focus" on it that much on my blog because I'm no professional, but like most girls I like dabbling in different products and attending beauty events. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the IOMA Paris's launch party at Saks 5th Avenue at Houston Galleria Mall. Ioma is a unique skincare line, founded by Jean Michel Karam, that uses technology to diagnose any issues with your skin and recommend 1 of 7 product lines or a mix that's best for your skin type. They have this really cool Astronaut/Star Wars looking computer camera thing that takes you photo and from your photos they can assess your skin issues, if you have any.  

Parties are never half-par at Saks! For the ioma launch they brought in musicians, catering and champagne
The ioma reps had a lovely presentation of their products in front of their boutique

We started my demonstration at the IOMA Beauty Diag machine. The Beauty Diag machine measures your skin on the microscopic level. It measures 13 points on your skin using Physio and Visio probes.  The main results from this machine tell you your moisturization level, bacterial activity, fine lines and wrinkles, redness, & pigment spots. I already know that I have dry skin, so it was no surprised when the machine pretty much yelled at me and said I needed moisture! Okay it didn't yell but the rating for the dry line was super high!
Going over the results of my probes.  The machine recommended mostly all the products from IOMA skincare line 1.
Being Probed
Next we moved onto the cool space-like camera/computer called the IOMA sphere.  It takes photos on the macroscopic level to analyze your skin. 5 photos are taken and they reveal any imperfections that are typically undetectable by the naked eye.  I wasn't sure I wanted to do this one...hahaha seeing my imperfections up close and personal seemed scary! You actually start working with their products for treatments and come back periodically to use this machine to measure your progress.

Sooo you're supposed to keep your eyes closed while the camera is going off. I missed those instructions so my photos look kind of scary! hahahaha
Going over my results
Excited to receive my ioma goodie bag!
IOMA is all skincare at this time, no makeup.  Their products are broken into two segments: Face & Body. Under the face line, they have 7 product lines (1-7) that can be mixed and matched depending on your individual needs.  The machines help determine what combination of products you need for your treatment.  There's over 8748 product combination options just in the facial options alone!  The body line has 3 lines of products: P, C, & S.  Head on over to IOMA's website to learn more about each product line. 

The products aren't cheap, so I'm glad I have samples to test out first before I make the decision to spend money on the line.  
I had a great time with my ioma Rep! She was funny and explained the process to me
All smiles! Now that's what I call a successful consultation
With some of the lovely Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Members of HFB. Taylor, Marcella, LeRenda, Faith and Myself

For more info on IOMA check them out on their social media sites:
Saks 5th Avenue

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