THE GIVEAWAY: Neon Splash Dash

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I really love living in the city of Houston, and all of the amazing events that decide to come to our town.  This March a new 5K run is coming called the Neon Splash Dash.  I was contacted by the reps to help spread the word on this fun event.  Basically you run/walk a 5K through 4 glow zones and get sprayed with glow water.  Even better? Some of the proceeds of the event go to a local charity.  Entry tickets are $50.00, but Neon Splash Dash is giving a free entry to one of my readers! Read on to see how to enter.

About Neon Splash Dash
The Neon Splash Dash is the COOLEST, BRIGHTEST and MOST FUN running event you’ve ever seen! Runners cross through checkpoints where they will be sprayed with a different color of fluorescent Glow Water under High-end Professional Ultra Violet Blacklights. The fluorescent colors glow vividly lighting up the runners in ways you’ve never seen! We also pump music at every checkpoint so you can keep the energy going the entire time! The After Glow Party begins when you cross the glowing finish line with music pumping, blacklights shining, Glow Performances and thousands of runners dancing the night away! Forget about other basic ‘glow runs’ where all you do is throw on a cheap glow-in-the-dark necklace and run- this is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! This year our event will be held at Houston's Reliant Park on March 23rd, 2013. 

More questions on the Neon Splash Dash? Check out their FAQS page

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