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Friday, February 01, 2013

With Model Shawn Huff after screening of Chasing Beauty
When have you ever seen a model that looks like you?

Last night I had the pleasure of viewing the Documentary Film, Chasing Beauty - The Ugly Side of Pretty. As a blogger with special interests in the fashion industry, movies like this are always interesting to me.  I have neither now or ever had an any aspirations to become a model, but modeling is a huge part of the Fashion industry, and I think a lot of people have an unrealistic view of models and the modeling industry. This film was created by Shawn Huff and her husband Brent Huff.  They chose 5 cities throughout the US to show a free screening of the film, and Houston was one of them! Yay! I had received an invite from the producer to attend, and I'm very happy that I returned to Houston in time to go!   Afterwards a panel, which included Jeff Shell (Owner of Neal Hamil Agency Houston), Shawn Huff, & Dr. Beltran were available for questions.

"I don't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day" ~Linda Evangelista

So what did I think of the film. I thought the film was done really, freaking well. They talked to everyone from retired successful supermodels, to aspiring models, and everything in between.  I felt we got a real look into the world of modeling, from definitions of pretty, eating disorders, cults, salaries, etc.  I learned so much about the industry in this film.  The featured makeup artists in the film cleared up the misconception that models don't have insecurities.  "They all have insecuritires, from models to film actors".  One of the young models who had been signed by IMG expressed stress from needing to have a sense of style. She struggled with her own knowledge of style, but "Being a model you have to have a sense of style".  The movie wasn't just negative, there were also funny parts. Interviewing a young male model on why he wanted to be a model, "I want to be a model because there's a lot of girls and I want to get girls".  

"Nothing ages worse than a beautiful women's age" ~Paulina

The movie also focused on male models, a part of modeling that isn't always featured on.  Typical stereotypes for male models are dumb and gay, which is not the truth.  Shawn Huff worked with Hoyt Richards, the first male supermodel, and he was a big part of the film. They talked to him about his rise to fame in modeling, his succumbing to a cult in which he gave at least $4.5 million dollars to support and be apart of.  Apparently during the 80s and the rise of models a lot of cults were after the young and beautiful.  Another aspect of modeling unbeknownst to moi! 

"A lot of people think models get stuff for free. We don't. We also aren't flown around the world for free. We have to pay for that ourselves."

Of course there was a segment on plastic surgery, and the ever-growning need for women AND men to look young.  Interesting enough a lot of the agents/makeup artists that were featured in the film seemed to be against plastic surgery. It's obvious when you get it done, and I personally don't think it makes people look better. Why not age gracefully? The plastic surgeon on the video said most people who get surgery done by him say..."Why didn't I get this done earlier?"...sad. Another person on the film summed it up " I don't think it gives you longevity. Your career is your career and when it's over, it's over".

"Happy girls are the prettiest" ~Audrey Hepburn

There were a lot of great takeaways from the film, and speaking with Shawn Huff afterwards, this only begun to tap the ugly side of being pretty.  "I was discovered when I was a teen and moved to Paris and saw some pretty crazy things.  My husband Brent Huff was a male model, and there was a lot to be told, this only touches on a few items. There are good sides and bad sides"

Chasing Beauty provides a rare glimpse into the dark side of the intriguing and complex world of modeling. The documentary features interviews with supermodels, photographers, agents, designers, plastic surgeons, make-up artists and psychologists and asks the question...

...what is beauty and is it worth the cost?

Shawn Huff still models, and if you would like more information on this film please visit 

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