WHAT I WORE: Peplum Top & Skinny Jeans

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The peplum trend may be over for some of you, but I plan to still enjoy it and milk it for all it's worth. This is where my independent style comes in. If I find something I like that works for my figure I'll continue to wear it...trend or no trend. I purchased this top at New York & Company in Pittsburgh before I came back to Houston. I was looking for some new work clothes, but turns out I'll be wearing this for both work and outside of work! Today was a nice 65 degree day in Houston. A nice change from the 81 degrees yesterday. I sported my faux leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and my gray suede boots.  However, being that it was a windy, blustery day here in the neighborhood, my shirt enjoyed blowing up and showing off my stomach to everyone...smh.  

Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Colin Stuart
Jacket: Merona
Top: New York & Company
Shades: c/o Sunglassesshop.com

I really wasn't headed anywhere special today, but about tired of running all of my errands in sweatpants (Stacy & Clinton would kill me!). Ha, but honestly the extra effort to put jeans on sometimes is annoying and sweats are so comfy, but today I decided to be chic casual. 


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