RED CARPET REVIEW: 2013 People's Choice Awards

Friday, January 11, 2013

I have to say that I don't really pay that much attention to the actual awards show themselves.  I listen to a few awards, but Wednesday night I was visiting with my niece and she was way more important and entertaining. However I did tune in for the Red Carpet, and checked out some of the looks they didn't show on TV, online.  The People's Choice Awards is the kick-off to Awards Season this year, so let's see who makes my Hits & Misses list.  Can you guess who my favorite look of the night was from?

Apparently a lot of people did not care for Ellen Pompeo's dress, but I really liked it. I thought it was great on her. I was also a fan of the two jumpsuits worn on the carpet, the sparkly black one by Katie Cassidy, and the white embellished bustier jumpsuit worn by Morena Baccarin.  I love the shade of Jensen Ackles suit, keeping the oxblood dream alive, and Robert Downey Jr. looks cute in his silver surfer suit! Do you agree with my picks for hits?  
 Ellen Pompeo & Katie Cassidy

Emma Watson & Rachel Leigh Cook

 Lea Michele & Kayley Cuoco

 Casey Wilson & Morena Baccarin

 Rumor Willis & Jensen Ackles

Brittany Snow
Robert Downey Jr.
To me these outfits speak for themselves...
   Kristin Kruek & Katy Perry

Chloe Grace & Olivia Munn

 Nicole Kidman & Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Lawrence
Carrie Ann Moss & Heidi Klum

 Karina Smirnoff & Mae Whitman

 Mayra Veronica & Molly Quinn

 Monica Potter & Regina King

Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren
Did you agree with my picks? Which looks were your favorites?

Photos from Perez Hilton & Huffington Post

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  1. omg taylor looks so amazing no wonder why she's had so many boyfriends! haha!

    enter my galaxy leggings giveaway!

  2. I agree with you about Ellen Pompeo's dress. Normally people go flashier but I think she looks great in it. I also love Brittany Snow's dress. It's a gorgeous color, and the cutouts are great.
    I actually kind of like the idea of Jennifer Aniston's dress, I just don't think it fits her that well. The waist looks a little high and I think it is just too flared. Something narrower probably would've been more flattering.
    And I hadn't seen pictures of Taylor Swift until seeing this post. Wow, she does look stunning.

  3. Most of the ladies look gorgeous but of course they were a few misses as always.

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend doll.

    <3 Marina


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