HFB MEETUP: Malibu Mara Hosts Bebe Girl's Night Out

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thursday night was a busy night for me as mentioned in yesterday's post.  I tried my best to make it to 4 events around the city including our November Houston Fashion Bloggers' Meetup. It was at bebe Houston Galleria Mall.  We all showed up to support our fellow group member Mara of Malibu Mara.  She was picked by Lucky Mag & Bebe to be the blogger to host the event! How cool is that! I tell ya, I'm so proud of my members! All of them are doing some amazing things with their blogs, and we love to support.

Mara of Malibu Mara

Timi and her Cousin

Bebe Picks

Some of my fave items right now at bebe, discovered during the Girl's Night Out.

HFB Members
Front Row: Shunte, Lauren, Elvia, Mara, Shanda, Folake
Back Row: Vernetta, Mimi
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