THE EVENT: Forever Red Launch Party

Thursday, November 15, 2012

With the Limited Brands Rep, Nicole and Store Manager, Michelle and my new fuzzy friend: Lamby
Last week I was invited by Bath & Body Works (BBW) to preview their new fragrance collection Forever Red at a special launch party.  I brought my roommate Valerie with me and we had a great time!  First of all, my favorite colors this time of year are gold, red, white, & silver, so upon walking into the Houston Galleria Bath & Body Works, all I could see was red, Red, and more RED...Everywhere! I loved it! They had  a very nice display for the Forever Red line smack in the front of the store. The fragrance officially launched nationwide on Monday, November 5th, and is BBW's most luxurious fragrance ever! 
Press Pass...I'm keeping this one! lol :-)

The fragrance was created for the uber confident and feminine woman in mind. What does it smell like? It's a lovely floral scent, but not overwhelming floral. It's a mixture of pomegranate and red osthmanus, vanilla rum, marshmallow extract, red peony, fiery marigold and more!  Most of the ingredients were chosen because of their scent and with their color or name representing the color red.  

Creating Forever Red - Watch on Youtube

Great gift for someone for the holiday ! I love red!
Shimmer Fragrance Mist
I love the  forever red regular mist packaging with the acrylic bow
Shower Gel
I tested out the body lotion, and it smelled very nice!
Me wearing all the red I could get my hands on for this photo op

Customer showing up extra pumped in pink and red for the event!
Customer's affirmation statements!!
This was mine! I am forever "Fashionable"
I am forever ME
DJ Status's friend wrote out his affirmation statement for him! I am forever ALONE...lolol
I am forever CONFIDENT
I am forever CONFIDENT
I am forever UNIQUE
I am forever BEAUTIFUL
I am forever GRATEFUL
I am forever FASHIONABLE
 What's in the Bag?
Forever Red Fragrance Mist, $50 Gift Card & Vosges Truffles


1. Fine Fragrance Mist 2. Eau de Toilette Roller Ball  3. Lip Gloss 4.Rollerball and Lip Want Duo 5. Eau de Parfum
6. Shimmer Mist  7. Shower Gel  8. Triple Moisture Body Cream  9. Medium Candle
10.  Home Fragrance Oil   11. Golden Sugar Scrub  12. Body Lotion 

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