FASHION HOUSTON 2012: Bogosse by Patrick & Fabrice Tardieu

Monday, November 19, 2012

I typically don't write about men's fashion on my blog, because I'm not well versed in that world. What I do know about men's fashion is that I like a man that can dress well, and dressing well in my book does not equivocate to saggy pants and white tees. I like suits, sports coats, & pants that sit at the waist. Bascially, a well-groomed man with a nice trench, a nice fedora...I think I just love old Hollywood glam when it comes to men.  Like why don't men dress more like Humphrey Bogart anymore...on a regular daily basis? I'm just saying...when and WHY did wearing hats go out of style?! I don't mean baseball caps, I mean Fedoras and Dick Tracy hats...Oh well, let me stop wishing and completely adore the modern take on old Hollywood glam presented by Patrick & Fabrice Tardieu. Their Bogosse Spring 2013 collection that walked the runway at Fashion Houston was amazing. I swear my future boyfriend/hubby needs to dress like these male models! The two brothers joined forces to create their men's line Bogosse in 2004, and brought their latest collection to Houston for Fashion Houston 2012.

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  1. I typically don't follow men's fashion either... but there's a big difference when a man does dress well. I love the orange sweater on the man in the pic you took at the top of your post!

    1. I know right! Love a man that can dress and is confident in his sexuality to dress well in tailored clothes, and not have everyone think he's metro or gay! Thanks for stopping by!


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