Thursday, September 01, 2011

One of my favorite New Year's Eve was celebrated December 31st 2009.  I was home in Pittsburgh with my family, found a really cute dress from H&M and spent it with my BFF Maggie! We did a real low-key (safe) celebration by staying at the Hilton Downtown Pittsburgh, shuttling over to the Casino, standing downtown to watch the Pgh countdown and going back to the hotel to chow down on Lincoln Bakery Cupcakes.  The only downer was the fire alarm that went off in the hotel at 3am!!! ha-ha

Happy New Years with my Best Friend Forever!

December is always fun for me. One it's my favorite month of the year and I get to celebrate the holidays in 2 locations.  The first half of December I spend wherever I'm living at the time (for the last 2 years its been Houston) and then around the 20th I leave for home to spend the big holidays with my family! Here are my looks from my time home in Pittsburgh!
My sister and I enjoying the nightlife on the Southside (Pittsburgh's 6th Street)

Me visiting with my friend's puppy, too cute. I love wearing vests over button downs in the winter. Easy way to layer.

Meeting up with my High School friends for Dinner

Y'all remember Tara right? From all my fun posts in July? Anyway this was her and I shopping while I was home.
I attended a fair amount of holiday events in Houston before heading home to Pittsburgh. This first look here I wore to my work Christmas Party with the Cardigan and then to a going away dinner with friends without the cardigan.

My boyfriend Santa Tree and I at our Annual Kruse Elementary Christmas Party. My company's employees in the gulf coast sponsor a child in a low-income neighborhood and buy them a gift. Then we have a party for them and bring their presents! I love it!

Me with 2 of My Co-workers Gaby and Letty (Colette), but they are really my friends too :-) at the Elementary Christmas Party
Gaby and I attending our company's Ethnically Diverse Employee Network  (EDEN) Christmas Dinner at Sambucca in Downtown Houston

I like taking pictures with the Christmas Decorations that the building I work in put up every year!! They are so pretty! I can't wait for holiday time again!

Have a Happy Thursday! 

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  1. Cute....



  2. The new years eve look is great----and you look great all bundled up!

  3. Wow you DO have a lot of Christmas activities and celebrations! And your sister is just as pretty as you!
    I love your purple dress you wore with your school friends, lovely.

    Sadie x

  4. throwback thursday is such a great idea. wish i would have thought of it ;) great pics! looks like fun times.

    btw thanks so much for voting for me! there's still time left to vote some more :)

  5. Aw! I am so excited for Christmas already! Just not for snow . . .

    Anyhow, I love the first look! So cool to throw a tie on over a cocktail dress! Cute!

  6. All of your outfits are great, but I especially like your New Year's Eve dress and the short cardigan you wore to work.

  7. Thanks! I love that dress! I definitely need to wear that again!

  8. I know me too! I can't believe really how close it is...This year is flying by! Yea that was a last added touch for me adding the tie!

  9. You are welcome to start your own throwback thursday :-) Thanks!! No problem, I will vote again!

  10. I actually really love winter outerwear, even though I hate the cold!! The coats and glove scarf sets are so cute!

  11. Thank you!!! Yea I love it! Keeps me in a cheery holiday mood!!!


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