THE INTERVIEW: Image Consultant, Mentor & Author Beth Newman

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hello Guys and Dolls! I have a treat for you today! A couple of months ago I attended this event called Women, Wine & Wisdom here in Houston.  We were introduced to 4 wonderful prominent ladies in the Houston area.  2 of which were in PR, one an author, and one an image consultant. I had the chance to chat one-on-one with Beth Newman, of Newman Image, and decided immediately that I wanted to interview her for my blog!!

Beth Newman - Image Consultant/Life Coach/Author

First tell us a little bit about yourself and Newman Image? Well, I’m a bit of a dabbler, really!  I work with individuals on wardrobing, personal and professional mentoring, etiquette, and overall success strategies.

What influenced you to switch from corporate America to helping people? As cliché as it sounds, I really felt a calling to do something that would assist and inspire others to live life fully, because life’s too short not to live fully.

When did you create Newman Image?  I created it as a part-time endeavor back in 2007.

Do you have future goals for your business?  In this wonderful age of the Internet, I’d love to continue consulting and teaching online.  I’ve been blessed to have clients from all over the country, and would like to reach out and spread my message of ‘Look, feel, and LIVE your absolute best’ to everyone.

What kind of activities does your company offer?  I offer one-on-one wardrobing  and mentoring consultations and online classes.  Through my First Style program, I assist pre-teens and teen-aged girls with fashion, etiquette, and success strategies.  I sponsor after-school First Style clubs and offer individual First Style tutorials.

Tell us the names of your books and what they each offer: Become a First Style Fashionista’ is based on my First Style program and is geared toward middle and high-school-girls.  It covers everything from fashion tips to good manners to life balance.  My upcoming book, ‘365 Days of Fabulosity’ is a daily guide for grown-ups.  Being the dabbler that I am, I share tips on everything from style to substance, balance to beauty tips, energy to attitude.  It will be available through Amazon mid-September. (Congrats on your second book!)

Speaking at Memorial Hermann's Care to Chat Seminar
You also have a blog on blogger. When did you decide to communicate with your followers via this medium? What is your favorite thing about blogging on Elegant Musings?  The thing I love about blogging is that it is a great way for me to get things out of my head and see if others feel the way I feel about certain things.  I’ve been big on journalism since I was a kid, and blogging has helped me realized that, essentially, we’re all the same and want the same things out of life:  good times, good friends, and good shoes! (I like that saying...definitely true!)

Please describe your personal style? I guess I would describe it as classic with a bit of pizazz.  I ask myself each morning, ‘Would Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn wear this?’  If the answer is ‘no’, then I won’t wear it, either.  I’m all about finding and emulating style role models.

How do you determine the best style for your clients?  I base it on his or her lifestyle and personal preferences.  We also base it on their body type.  When I wardrobe someone, it is a team effort.  I would never try to push my own personal style on someone who isn’t comfortable with it. 
With Great Day Houston Host Debra Duncan

You also help your clients edit their closets. What’s the hardest thing about this for you and your client?  Most people have so much stuff!  I truly believe less is more, and I’m all about mixing and matching.  Why buy it if you never wear it?  People are actually shocked when they see that I don’t really have that much in my own closet.  Separates are fabulous! (I need you to edit my closet! I have way too many clothes and struggle with throwing things away because I fluctuate in weight so much!)

Do you like to follow fashion trends?  I do like to follow trends, but I don’t necessarily abide by them.  At 41 years-old, I’ve got a good sense of myself and know what I like and what works best with my body type.  I think it’s great to incorporate some trendy pieces, but I’ve never been one to rush out and buy the ‘next big thing’.

What’s an item of clothing that you would love to ban from every woman’s wardrobe?  CROCS.(Ha-ha! I totally agree! I hate those. There are tons of comfortable shoes that look cute out there that aren't CROCS!)

Speaking at the Women, Wine & Words of Wisdom Event
You are also a life coach. How do you incorporate this into your image consulting? I truly believe it’s all about the ‘total package’.  We won’t look great if we don’t feel great.  Life is too short to simply exist in the mundane.  We must take responsibility for our level of fabulosity, and we do this through our lifestyle choices and our fashion choices. 

In addition to running your own company, you write for other websites. How do you find the time to do all of this and tell us a bit more about the other sites you work for?  I’m thrilled to be a part of the Chic Galleria family (  I also write for several other print publications.  I do my best to balance my time, but I confess I’m not always successful!  I just take it daily, and if I’m inspired, I write.  If I’m not, I don’t. 

What events do you like to be apart of in Houston when it comes to life coaching, fashion, and image consulting?  Some dear friends and I have recently launched Women, Wine, and Words of Wisdom.  Although we all come from completely different backgrounds, we’re alike in that we live the same message:  grasp life, live authentically, and laugh!  I love WWW because it’s an opportunity to share with others what we’ve been through, and we’re hoping it not only entertains but inspires women to really jump into the joy of living.

Beth with the members of Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce
Do you have to travel a lot for your job? I keep my travels to the Houston area, but I do conduct phone consultations with others nation-wide.

Out of all of your books listed on Beth’s Picks on which is your absolutely favorite?  The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ by Deepak Chopra.  That book changed my life. 

A lot of people like to walk around with the attitude that they don’t care about what they look like, or they aren’t that into style and fashion. Can you explain how your image can have a huge impact on your everyday life? With work, etc…  Image is so important!  We base our initial perceptions about people on limited information.  The first thing we notice is appearance, and it takes about three seconds for someone to form an opinion.  Why not make it a good one?

Would you like to add anything else for my readers?  Life is too short not to live fabulously!  That doesn’t mean you have to have a ton of money, a big house, or fancy car.  It’s a mindset.  When you feel rich, you are rich.  When you feel successful, you are successful.  When you feel fabulous, you are fabulous! (Great Message Beth! I would love to see you speak in person one day!)

Beth with her husband
You can find Beth and her company Newman Image on the following media sites

A big thanks to Beth, for taking the time to answer my questions. You can see that, that lady is SUPER busy, so I'm honored to have been able to interview and introduce you guys to her. Hope all of you enjoyed learning more about Beth, and her great tips! Have a nice day!


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  1. Great interview! I couldn't agree more on the crocs. Lol! Over the past few years, I've become quite preoccupied with editing my closet and doing so has influenced the way I shop now too.

  2. couldn't agree more about her opinion on blogging :)

  3. Thank you for letting me knowing Beth:)

  4. Partikularrak PartikularrakSeptember 8, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    Great interview! I think as she that life is too short. Thanks for your comments.
    Good night!

  5. Wow, what a great interview. Love business owners who are rocking it -- especially women business owners!

  6. I know right! Ain't that the truth!

  7. I really need to get better at editing!

  8. She seems like an interesting person!

  9. This is what I am looking for. An article everyone need in order to change their style. Love it!


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