Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wow!! When I look back at my outfits from April of last year, I had a lot of favorites!! This first look, by far, is my favorite outfit from April. It may be my favorite outfit of the entire year!! Anyway, here are my looks from last April:

Wore this look to a shopping event in Houston

I wore this look to work on a Casual Friday

I really love the combo of purple and yellow!

Bought this dress from NY&C and wore it out to a lounge that nite. It fit my figure so well! I felt sexy!!

Though the occasion wasn't the best (my co-workers' wife passed away), I wanted to bring some color into such a sad event

Some think this turtleneck is dowdy, but I really love it, and dressing it up with the blazer and necklace worked for me!

I wore this look to work that day. Nothing can beat simple the way black and white can!

I think this is my least favorite. I was scrambling for an Easter outfit last minute and found this dress at NY&C, but it was a little big and I added the white belt, but it didn't really mesh well, and then I added that black cardigan to hide my bra straps...just a mess, but oh well! At least I know God wasn't judging me!

The first Maxi dress I ever owned from New York & Company. This is the one that shrank on me and I will now use as a Maxi skirt

After I was done volunteering at the Houston International Festival last year, I changed into this outfit to enjoy the event. Unfortunately my allergies were not in agreement with me and I ended up having to leave early to get out of the outdoors...bummer

There's a park in Houston that holds free, amazing concerts on the weekends. This day they were having a jazz concert in honor of Earth day. Feelin' all naturely, I put together an outfit of earthy colors, blue for water and sky, and green for land/grass.

 I call this look sloppy work day, because I felt very sloppy, chic, and comfy at the same time. I don't always want to wear FITTED clothes. Sometimes I just want wiggle room and room to breathe, and this shirt and pants allowed that for me!
Wow, I so look like a little kid with this smile. I think I had just bought this skirt from Express, and really loved it, because I wore (wear) it a lot, but this was it's premiere. I love the fit of it and the fact that it has pockets. Also we are back to my all black with a pop of color. I love that! Simple and easy look for anyone to put together!

Which look was YOUR favorite? I may have to repeat some of these looks!! 
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  1. my favorites are definitely the first one and the "Out on the Town" outfit! I love how with blogging you can make older content new again!

  2. NotafashionbloggerJune 23, 2011 at 6:41 AM

    The feed is working again!!!

  3. Love these looks!I love the first one, you re right, you look amazing!xoxo

  4. Love all the looks. But that look with the blue dress, is super cute! Love your hair!

  5. the blue dress is my favorite outfit <3

    alexandra @

  6. Shasie, you are so cute! I agree, the first outfit is KILLER! I also like your hair in it. I love your casual Friday outfit, the belted purple dress and the blue dress. I am loving your Throwback Thursday! Maybe when my blog grows up, I can join you in this adventure! ;-)

  7. This is such a fun series.... and the first outfit is also my favorite. It really just compliments you the best, while being super cool.

  8. stunning.... loving the looks!!!

  9. Loving the suday brunch outfit and of course the pink Maxi dress you look hot!

  10. Such prettyyy dresses! <33



  11. Love the first look the most! and the look with the blue dress is beautiful, that color suits you very well!!!

  12. I love the pink maxi dress, that colour looks a beaut on you (shame on it for shrinking!!), I also love the 'sexy' (hell yes!) turquoise dress and the purple pant / yellow blouse combo. These are my favs but they're all pretty fab!

    Sadie x

  13. You have so many fabulous outfits, I like you in pink the best!

    Looking sweet and feminine babe! :)

    The Cat Hag

  14. Cute blog! and outfits! I think you look really nice in the pink maxi!

  15. I LOVE LOVE your first outfit!!! YOu look FABULOUS :-)


  16. FashionmakeuplifestyleJune 23, 2011 at 11:55 PM

    Gorgeous!! But hello loving you in the first outfit...Girl you look fierce I'm diggin' your hair!!! You always look so FAB!

    <3 Marina

  17. Thanks for advising me, hope you enjoy your new top!

  18. GirlinsunglassesJune 24, 2011 at 5:27 AM

    You´re so stylish darling!! it´s dificult choose just one outfit, you look gorgeous with all!! But i´m agree with you, first look are perfect for every ocasion!!

  19. Love all looks but my picks are 1st and 4th.=) dress (1st pic) is pretty, great coour for you.=)


  20. Pink dress and blue dress for the win! You look wonderful in dresses and you can tell you are really comfortable in them.

  21. My favourite is definitely the pink maxi and denim vest, smokin'!


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