From White to Black

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tank: Express
Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet: New York & Company
Ruffle Shorts: Express
Pumps: Target
Eyeshadow: Sephora
Have you noticed my transition over my last few outfit posts? I started off with an all white ensemble for the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge. Then I went to an all white ensemble with a pop of black in the shoes, then I went to a complete black and white yesterday, to an all black ensemble today. Of course in retrospect I did none of this on purpose but I think it's cool that my outfits turned out that way. In my Blogger Inspirations posts, I mentioned that at first I hated the whole ruffled, skort-short thing until I tried on this pair from Express. They are so cute and I absolutely fell in love with them. I bought this black pair and a navy print pair that will soon make it's debut into a blog post also! You can also tell that I've been playing with my Sephora Makeup Kit. I love this turquoise and blue eyeshadows I used for the outfit today. And who knew? Eye primer really does help keep eye shadow on!
I've also been coveting these multicolor jewelry pieces from New York & Company for months now, so finally this weekend with my NY&C City Cash I bought 4 pieces from this collection. The 4th is another pair of earrings not shown in this post. I could have worn any color shirt with these skorts, but I really wanted the jewelry to stand out so I went all black!
Outfit Details

Also, about a week and a half ago I was the winner of Fatale Fashion's Tru.Che Giveaway. I was so excited! I've been having a real winning streak with this giveaway stuff, and today my prize arrived in the mail. The packaging was so cute!

What a great pair of earrings, and so neutral that they'll go with anything! I love Tru.Che's jewelry and plan on ordering an "I heart Texas Necklace" (below) from her very soon. It's so funny because I'm not even from Texas originally, but I rep this state like I am!


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  1. I adore the little wooden earrings! They are positively adorable!


  2. the earings are too cute. ;). nice simple look
    Lydz xX

  3. I love everything about this outfit!
    The accessories are amazing!

  4. Shasie! Thanks for your congratulations on my blog :) Also - you don't need the shorts to make your legs look longer (as per your comment on Chictopia) they look plenty long to me :)
    Have a fabulous day!

  5. Great look, honey!Love the touch of color given by the accessories!xoxo

  6. WOW, you are a super sexy girl!!!

  7. looking good! :) and i do adore those wooden earrings. lovely... love and blessings! xx

  8. simple and straight forward. i love it!

  9. @Britt+Whit - Thanks ladies, they are too fun

    @Jo - I can't wait to wear my cute little earrings!

    @Lydz - Thanks girl

  10. @Francesca RYay! Thank you! The accessories are my favorite part too!

  11. @LydiaYou're Welcome, teehee thanks! You're right I guess I don't need the shorts!

  12. @Alina - Thanks sweetie, yes I definitely wanted them to pop

    @Federica - Awe you're too kind, I have to admit I did feel sexy in this outfit! lolol

    @nyanzi - sometimes simples makes the best outfits! Thank you!

  13. @denise* paper angelsHi Denise! Thanks so much for your compliment and stopping by my blog! Hope you come back again!

  14. So sweet your suit! :D

  15. those skorts look so good on you. they make your legs look really long and lean. beautiful! :)

  16. Couldn't believe those were shorts, not a skirt! Fun! Also, I know you are in Houston and it is super warm and humid there, but this Bostyon girl ios so jealous of all your warm weather looks :)

  17. You have a really great blog!
    Follow me :)

  18. fantastic!!!*_*

  19. oh man i LOVE this outfit esp the texas necklace. what a beautiful touch. im a huge huge fan of your skirt too. and you (as always) are lovely shasie

    mademoiselle mimi

  20. I LOVE that outfit total black!!! You´re beautifull!!!
    Kisses from Brasil

  21. Girl you look so cute in this outfit! And what amazing accessories, very beautiful colors!

    Kisses xo ;)

  22. What a comfy look. I absolutely love the jewelry pieces.

  23. I love love love your accessories! You look really cute!

  24. @Sarah - Thanks girl

    @fashioneggplant - Thanks girl! They do elongate the legs

    @Kristen - Haha, yea they are an optical illusion! It sure is hot here! Can't wait for you guys to catch up with me, with summer outfits

    @Tanja-Mia - Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'll check out your blog

    @Paola - Thanks girlie!!

    @One of the boys - whoo hoo, thanks!!!

    @Dani - Thanks girl! Your a gorgeous person also! So sweet too with your support of my blog

    @Michelle - Thanks girlie, the accessories are my favorite

    @Mom - Thanks mommy! The jewelry pieces are so much fun

  25. @LVThanks girl!! I appreciate all your support!

  26. WERK! Jewelry is lovely! Haha Target always has good finds...


  27. great outfit

  28. Hi Beautiful Shasie!!!
    You already know I'm loving this too girly and so adorable just so in love with everything..head to toe!! Great job doll.


  29. omgosh those earrings are SOO cute! and youve got legs for days! jealous! very cute look!

  30. I LOVE that TX necklace! I may have to buy one of those! Cute blog!

  31. The accessories & the dress are sucha chic combo!

  32. You look adorable! I love the pops of color in the jewelry! And that is cool how the colors or noncolors of your outfits shifted like that :)

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  33. Cute outfit! I like the necklace! :-)
    Yes sometimes I sketch also for other people.

    xoxo Michaela

  34. Hey! thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

    I love your outfit here, very cute. The accessories are so adorable!! I'm loving the bright jewelry- it definitely lightens up the black! And the Texas necklace?? Cute beyond belief!! :)

  35. @Sarah - Thanks girl!

    @fashioneggplant - Aww, I'm starting to realize that my legs may be my best feature

    @Kristen - Ya I feel bad for you guys! Hopefully the weather warms up soon!!

    @Tanja - Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll check yours out

    @Paola - Thanks girlie!

    @mimi - Thanks so much for being so supportive Mimi!! You are too kind

    @Mallory - Hey girl. You should order a New York necklace!! Thanks for the compliment


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