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So I wanted to start a new feature for my blog. I want to feature my fans/readers. If you would like to be featured for a friday all you have to do is follow my blog via google friend connect. You don't have to be a blogger, just a fan!!

For my first feature friday, I'm featuring my Best Friend Torrina from College. We went to school together at Bucknell University, and we were crazy shopaholics together. Definitely don't shop with either one of us if you are trying to stay on a budget! Torrina's best style is displayed by her going out outfits. While mine are rather plan an un unique, Tori steps up the notch.

Name: Torrina Worthy
Age: 27
Occupation: Clinical Data Coordinator
Hometown: Norristown, PA
Current Location: Same

Dress: Bebe

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: New York & Co

Clutch: Express

How would you describe your personal style? Simple, jeans, tops, and boots because it's easy. For going out dresses and heels are also easy.

Do you have any fashion icons? Not really, but recently I've taken a liking to Zoe Saldana's style and make-up and I recently purchased her fragrances from AVON

Dress: Vicki S
Bracelet: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Aldo

What do you use for inspiration when putting together your outfits? Nothing in particular really inspires me. I just like something that's easy to put together...but I do like to read InStyle Magazine and cut out outfits that I think are cute. If I really like them, I'll attempt to find items in my closet or make purchases that will allow me to recreate the look. I've done that a few times this past year and I thought it was fun trying to find the pieces I was missing or finding ways to substitute.

What is your opinion on fashion trends? Do you follow them? I think there are too many trends that exist today to really keep track or follow them all. I don't think I go out of my way to personally follow the trends. The stores I mainly shop in try to feature the latest trends, so just by shopping at that store, I can't help by indirectly end up following some of the latest trends (i.e. Express is selling a lot of rompers and skorts this Spring)

Dress: Arden B
Romper: Express
Shoes: Victoria's Secret
Earrings: Borrowed from her Mother

Do you feel a lot of pressure to dress with the current season of trends living near a big city (Philadelphia)? Not sure I understand this question, but I would say that the weather living up North definitely influences my style and forces me to wear certain items.

How is fashion in Philadelphia different than other place/s you haev lived or visted? Philadelphia is definitely an urban area, so this past year I saw a lot of people wearing leather jackets, skinny jeans, and lots of fashionable boots in the winter. I guess it just differs in the fact that it's cold here, the majority of the time so boots and jackets are worn a lot through the year.


Belt: Bebe

Shoes: Vicki S

Have any life experiences helped to shape your style? I cannot spend a lot of money on clothes, so I have learned how to splurge on key, staple items that will last for year. In addition I've learned how to bargain shop on items that I may nor wear more than once. For instance, I don't mind buying a cheap dress that's cute just for one night out. I enjoy bargain shopping to create "Looks for Less"

You have fantastic style! Would you consider starting your own blog? Or at least joining sites like lookbook and chictopia to display your outfits? I don't think so, because I would not have the time to start my own blog or follow them.

Dress: Forever 21

Earrings: Forever 21

Shoes: Aldo

Do you do any thrifted/vintage shopping? Not really, but I'd like to try one day. I have a friend who used ot always find great accessories at the local thrift store, such as earrings, clutches, and belts

What is your favorite item in your closet? All of my dark blue jeans: boot cut and skinny because I can dress them up for going out, wear them to work, and dress them down if I wear flats of flip flops.

What is your go-to handbag? This past winter I splurged on a Sorial New York dark purple leather bag from I spent over $200 on it, but I got a lot of compliments on it and because it was real leather, it was reliable and sturdy

Dress: Arden B

Shoes: Aldo

What are your favorite fashion magazines? I don't really read any except for InStyle because Shalanda gave me a subscription as a gift. Every now and then I like to read People Style Watch, but I don't think that counts as a fashion magazine! Lol. I used to like reading Lucky Mag because they featured a lot of affordable products. I find that Fashion magazines in general can be intimidating when they feature so many items that are too expensive for the average consumer.

Which outfit shown above is your favorite of Torrina's?

Well Everyone! I hope you enjoyed my first Fan Feature Friday! I hope to have someone else want to be featured next week! If you want to be featured please send me an email to

Also I'm pretty good and reading everyone's blogs everyday, but due to the blogger debacle and packing to go out of town...(I'm now in Pittsburgh, Pa), I'm about 300 posts behind! So don't fret I'll be making my way through to check out all of your updated blog posts!


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  1. This was great. You did a great job interviewing your friend. You asked good questions too. Please do more of these!

  2. Haha I'd sign up to be a Friday Feature except I'd probably scare off your readers ;)

    LOVED the leopard print/red shoes combo!

  3. So wonderful picture and blog! really love it !
    take a look at my new post and follow me if u aren't yet a follower
    click here to visit my blog


  4. @JudyThanks Judy! I would love to do more! Would you be interested in a feature Friday?

  5. @}i{ Girl you would NOT scare off my readers. My readers all understand that everyone has a different definition of style, and that you don't have to look like you just came out of a magazine to be featured. I'm interested in displaying individual style, likes and dislikes. so sign up girlie!

  6. @GiorgioCHey Giorgio! Thanks for your kind comments!! I will surely check out your blog!

  7. Great pictures of Torrina. Love all the looks and I know you and Torrina are definitely fashion statements. So glad I have so many wonderful pictures of the two of you together.

  8. Torrina looks great! I do like outfit #1 the best -- she looks absolutely radiant and so classy in that dress.

    Great feature, Shasie! I'll be looking forward to this on Fridays :)

  9. Oh, I love those VS shoes! I love that first dress - perfect from day to night.

    I'd love to be featured... though I think we have different style, I think we have things in common!

  10. She definitely has style. It's a modern feminine vibe and she does it really well! XX

  11. @MaryYay! I'm glad that you have pictures of Torrina and I to. I have some great ones of us too! I should have put one up on here!

  12. @Cee Thanks Cee, I'm hoping I get people who want to do it!! Yea that's one of my favorite looks of her also!

  13. @Natalie | The Bobby Pin I love shoes from Victoria Secret also! Hey, if you want to be featured just send me an email! I would love to feature people with same, different, unique styles

  14. @Fydez Very Modern and classy! I love her look, and she can really rock dresses!

  15. Thanks for featuring me chica! This was fun! :-) I was curious to see which photo(s) you were going to pick...did not expect for you to use them all! lol I have another idea you could try out on your blog for a contest...we can chat about that later ;-)

  16. @Tori LynneYay! I'm glad you liked your post! I loved all the pictures so I wanted to include them all! WOuld love to chat with you. I'm all about new ideas and suggestions for the blog! :-

  17. She has a stunning style just as you!

    Kisses xoxo

  18. @Michelle Aww thanks girl! You are too sweet!


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