Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to my 3rd installment of Fan Feature Friday, spotlighting Sophie of Fashion Without Borders!! I first interacted with Sophie when I wrote a guest post for her blog about Fashion and Size. I'm glad that I got to interview her for my blog! Enjoy reading about her and checking out her great style.

Name: Sophie Fredericksen
Occupation: Student/Blogger
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Current Location: Athens, Ohio (for two more weeks)
Blog URL (if you have one):

How would you describe your personal style? Adapting! My personal style is constantly changing. I find myself to be a chameleon. Sometimes I want to feel feminine and demure. While other days I feel edgy and bold.

What do you use for daily inspiration for your outfits? Fellow bloggers, magazines and other fashionistas I see on the street

Do you read fashion magazines, and if so which ones? I read way too many fashion magazines. A few of my favorites are InStyle, Lucky, W and Elle.

Name some of your favorite fashion blogs? I'm always on the search for new innovative blogs. My favorites of the moment are My Style Pill, What I Wore, and Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Do you have a fashion/style icon? Emma Watson. I love how confident she is in her own skin.

What's in your purse at this very moment? Gum, Tide To-Go Pen, Small Mirror and definitely Chapstick. I'm a fairly simple girl when it comes to what I lug around in my purse

What is your favorite season for clothes? Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter? That's tricky because I love them all. I love layering in the winter and I love boots. But I also adore Spring dresses, floral patterns and bikinis in the summer.

What is your go-to item/trend for the summer? I have to say flowing dresses and nautical stripes

Has anyone in your life influenced your style? I don't thitnk it's one specific person. I think it's all of my friends who encouraged my pursuit of style and gave me confidence in myself

Tell us a fashion tip that you learned from your mother or grandmother: My mom is a tall woman (as am I) and yet she was never afraid to wear heels with confidence; even when she was taller than my dad in them. She helped me to learn to embrace my height and love every inch of it

What are your goals for your blog? My hope for my blog is that it will help others cultivate their personal style and help inspire their wardrobe. Other then that I hope to be able to keep doing something I love.

Would you like to add anything else for my readers? Don't be afraid to wear what inspires you, even if others don't like what you wear.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed reading up on our Fashion Without Borders Author, Sophie! My favorite look of hers is the last one!! Remember if you are interested in being featured for FFF, just send an email to me at do not have to be a blogger to be featured! :-)

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  1. Shasie this is very lovely of you! I like her style and her answers!
    P.S. First Giveaway on my blog!

  2. @Francesca RIsn't she cute! She's so nice too!

  3. @Inez of Style Chic....360Aww thank you! you should sign up to be featured one weekend

  4. Shasie :D
    Loved this post !!!
    I love such features and reading about new bloggers.
    I am going to check her blog out now! :)

  5. @Giasaysthat Hey Gia!! Thanks for accepting my friend request on facebook! I love this feature too! I can't wait to feature more people!

  6. Shasie, this is a great feature! I love discovering new bloggers this way. Her style is cute and I will definitely check out her blog.

  7. @LVI'm so glad I'm getting such positive feedback on this idea for my blog!! Yay! Would love to feature you one Friday also!

  8. This is really cool! She seems awesome, I'm definitely off to check out her blog.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Love the post Shasie! Sophie has great style. I like that you ask atypical questions to give us readers more insight into the lives of your FFF peeps.

  10. @EllieHi Ellie!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'm glad you enjoyed this post! Def check hers out! It's great

  11. @LydiaAww thanks Lydia! I try to come up with interesting questions :-)

  12. That shot with the hills in the background is incredible!!

  13. Great job on your fan feature this week. All the looks are lovely on her and I especially love the picture with the beautiful landscape in the background.

  14. @Melina - Thanks! I'm glad I got to feature another great girl with style

    @Kristen - I know right! I want to visit that location

    @Mom - Thanks mommy!!

  15. Thanks for all the great comments and thank you Shasie for this amazing feature!!


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