Japan Earthquake - Wear Red Wear Hope Campaign

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top: Express
Belt: Burlington
Skirt: New York & Company
Gladiator Sandals: Guess by Marciano (Macy's)

Today I participated in Chictopia's Wear Red, Wear Hope Campaign for Japan. For detailed information go to this link http://www.chictopia.com/contest/Japan-Earthquake-Wear-Red-Wear-Hope-Relief-Fund

In response to the massive earthquake in Japan and its devastating outcome, we at Chictopia would like to ask for your help by wearing red and donating $10 to Japan relief funds. By uploading a photo of yourself wearing red, the symbol of Japan, you will not only be showing your support for those devastated by the crisis in Japan but you will also be spreading hope and awareness towards actual change and relief efforts.

So here is my outfit containing Red! I love it and was actually inspired by a few blogs I read a few days ago where the blogger paired red and yellow together. Though it's a bit ketchup and mustard, and makes me want to eat a cheeseburger everytime I look at the picture, I love the colors together. My co-worker even went so far to say the green on my scarf was pickles! I stopped at Burger King for lunch today...what can I say? The stomach wants what it sees! HAHA

Anyway, I hope all of you have done what you can to help support Japan in their time of need!!

After work I attended this GlamShop Event in the museum district. I wish I had had my business cards done in time, but they won't be done until tomorrow. Anyway, there were cocktails and goodie bags, and lots of vendors. There were a ton of jewelry vendors though...I'm not sure I liked that too much. After awhile all the jewelry looks the same, and I can't decide what I want to buy, and then I just feel overwhelmed and don't buy anything, and that's exactly what happened tonight...lol

When I was done with the Glam Shop event, I stopped by Marshall's to do a little shopping. Marshall's is cute...look at the little labels they have above the hooks in the fitting room.

I actually used them too, and sadly only one thing made it to the definitely rack...oh well. I'm so excited for these red shorts! I can't wait to style them and take pics!

I'm also running another contribution on hypeed that I need your votes for, but only if you like the look. It's for their denim jacket magazine, and I'm recommending my rodeo outfit. If you want to vote, just click on the vote numbers below! Thanks so much in advance for your votes!

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  1. I love the red and yellow look! And, that is the cleanest Marshalls dressing room that I have ever seen. Ha!

  2. Right!! And it wasn't always like this, they had the typical horrible fitting room, and then one day I went in there and they were doing all this construction, so we had to use "temp" fitting rooms, and finally this was the end result!

  3. Great color combo, honey!Love the top and the bag!Kisses

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Love the red and yellow combination! Cute outfit for a good cause! :)


  6. Stunning outfit!!!You look sexy and chic!Lovely!

  7. Love your color blocking! This is such an important cause, happy to see what others are doing! xo


  8. Thanks everyone! I had fun without this outfit today, and I'm glad it was for a great cause!

  9. I love the combination of red and yellow ever since Reese Witherspoon showed up on the red carpet in that dress. Great outfit!

    xx THE CHEAP

  10. What a lovely look. Just love the red and yellow together and the scarf was the perfect touch!!

  11. The red and yellow looks so fresh together!!!

  12. @The Cheap - Reese is so classy. She has great style, and amazing figure for it! Can't wait to see Water for Elephants

    @Mom - teehee, does the scarf remind you of pickles?

    @Kristen - Thank you!!


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