Purple Rain

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I dont' know about you ladies, but I know the holidays, have put on a few extra pounds for myself. And Valentine's Day just passed with all the sweets. So to hide problem areas, I compiled this outfit for the office.

Now you should check with your job, about wearing hats in the office, and even if you are not allowed, you still have to get from your car to indoor right? So just wear the hat outside. I added the hat to add a little pizazz to the attired.

The shirt is a bubble tank top from New York and Company. It does not hug around the stomach area, it pulls away. Yet since the shirt pulls away it could make you look wide...viola enter cardigan.

This cardigan comes automatically fitted from Express. It's cinced to give the hour-glass appearance. What's cool about the cardigan are the labels are wavy, and no buttons. But this is a tank top, and wearing a cardigan with no buttons, can lead to a wardrobe malfunction while at work....i.e., if the cardigan opens up, you may show too much skin and bra straps.

The fix? I found really small safety pins, and safety-pinned the cardigan to the top of the shirt, then there are no fly aways from the chest region, only at the bottom, which makes you look really cool when you enter a room.

Also you want to establish a balance in your work attire. If you are going to wear a billowy, bubbly top, do not wear wide, breezy pants. The fitter, the bottoms the better!!!

Hat: Hand-me over from my Sister
Shirt: New York and Company
Pants: New York and Company (City Style Black Pants)
Cardigan: Express
Safety Pins: Anywhere
Low-wedge shoes: Marshall's

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