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Monday, February 15, 2010

This is what I wore to brunch yesterday. Of course this clearly means that I missed church, because I wouldn't have worn this to church. One might call this my Avatar look!

Leggings: Dark Navy from Target ($6)
Shirt Dress: Blue - New York and Company
Belt: Black with Bronze Buckle -New York and Company
Boots: Payless
Hat: Target
Watch: Michael Kors $195

The girls and I usually go to Don Diego's for brunch on Sunday's after church. It was perfect temperature for this outfit yesterday. I complimented it with a tan trench coat (not shown in pic).

Because the rest of the outfit is pretty monotone (no crazy patterns) the boots really stand out! I bought these boots 3 years ago from Payless, unlike some other Payless boots, the heels on these remain pretty sturdy. I have had issues with Payless boots in the past, where the heel starts to loosen up after awhile causing you to wobble when walking...

You can purchase the watch at a MK store, or in a department store. If you have a Macy's card, they send out 25% off designer items every now and then. That $195 I purchased for $147 from Macy's in the Galleria Mall.

You can vary this outfit with different colored leggings and a skinny belt. I like to wear the large belt, because it hides more problem areas.


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