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Friday, February 19, 2010

I spent $70.00 today picking up 5 pairs of shoes from the Houston Shoe Hospital. For the frugalista this is a shoe shoppers dream. I find myself very rough on shoes...from work shoes to going out shoes, or even the shoes that can pose as both.

If you buy a pair of shoes that are $40.00 and ruin the heel. (As in the heel falls all of mine). What would you do? Some ladies would ditch 'em and buy a new pair of shoes. Well let's do the math.

Normal Method
5 pairs of shoes at $40.00 each = $200.00
5 new pairs of shoes to replace the old ones = $200.00
Total spent on 5 pairs of shoes (because remember you don't have 10, you have 5, because you threw the first 5 away....) = $400.

My Method
5 pairs of shoes at $40.00 each = $200.00
5 repairs @ Shoe Hospital =$70.00
Total on 5 pairs of shoes= $270.00

Total Savings = $130.00

The trick is to find a good shoe repair place. Maybe you can find one in your area that's even cheaper than what I got for mine. But you want to make sure that the fix they do, lasts for a long time. Ask around. I'm sure some of your co-workers or friends have repaired that favorite shoe that they just can't give away, so I'm sure you can find one. I took mine to the Houston Shoe Hospital on Sheperd Drive in Houston.


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  1. Do they fix the soles inside of the shoes too?

  2. I think they have a lot of services, but I didn't need that done so I don't know. But I can't see why the wouldn't do that.


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