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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: Limited Edition Mustang by O.P.I Nail Polish Collection

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - by Evelyn · - 0 Comments

I am obsessed with nail polish, so getting to try out O.P.I's Mustang by O.P.I collection was amazing. The collection was inspired by the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, and Ford was gracious enough to send Live Life in Style some polish from the collection! I received four of the 6 colors from the limited-edition collection. I loved these products, they were great! To me, the most annoying thing about buying nail polish is the color inside not being the same color as the bottle. This was not the case with these nail polishes! They did a great job making sure that when you apply the polish, it is still the same color. 

I am always on the go and I do not have time to wait for my nail polish to dry. I was very surprised at the drying time for this nail polish. I would apply the polish and literally seconds after my nails were done, they were dry. Definitely great!

Lately I have been obsessed with gold and receiving the gold nail polish, entitled '50 Years of Style' was great. The bright gold, was unexpected, but I am in love with the color!

One of the red colors, 'Race Red', was a favorite of mine! I love red nails because I've always felt they look very glamorous. Race Red was a bright red, just what I expected. One thing I noticed about this color was applying one coat was enough to obtain that vibrant hue! I didn't have to apply multiple coats to achieve the color. One brush stroke was enough for that great red hue. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the nail polish. I am not the most talented “nail artist” I do love to do designs on my nails, and the colors were fun to do designs with! The drying time still amazes me! I was not expecting such quick dry nails. I plan to visit my local beauty store to try out the other colors because I was definitely impressed with the pony pack! For more information on the collaboration between Ford & OPI check out the snippets from their press release below:

OPI and Ford Motor Company are going full throttle and taking the “pedi to the metal” with the official launch of the limited-edition nail lacquer collection inspired by the popular Ford Mustang. The OPI Ford Mustang collection features six Mustang-inspired shades that are set to hit U.S. stores this year! Coinciding with Mustang 50th anniversary celebrations this year, OPI marks the milestone with a standout collection of colors – all capturing the spirit, passion and excitement of Ford Mustang.

“For five decades, Mustang has represented some of the best of American culture, inspiring a feeling of freedom and independence,” says Melanie Banker, Mustang marketing manager. “We are excited to celebrate the iconic Ford Mustang with OPI and tell its story through color.”

Pony-Up With Color
Developed by OPI Co-Founder and EVP Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, the collection uniquely expresses the spirit of Mustang. 

“Nail color, just like the car she drives, is the ultimate expression of a woman’s personality,” says Weiss-Fischmann. “Automobiles are synonymous with style, and there is a special kind of love affair between a woman and her car. 

“These lacquers celebrate a woman’s pursuit of excitement and invite OPI fans to accentuate their personal style and embrace Mustang’s adventurous spirit through color,” she adds. 

Ford Mustang by OPI includes these six limited-edition shades:
  • Race Red: The hero color of the collection, Race Red pays tribute to one of Mustang’s signature colors and brings to life the passion and excitement of the iconic car 
  • 50 Years of Style: Just like Mustang, celebrate all your milestones with this made-to-party golden pearl 
  • Queen of the Road: Inspired by Mustang’s dramatic and perfectly appointed cabin, a black interior evokes sophistication and will always be a classic – just like the little black dress 
  • Girls Love Ponies: A woman is multifaceted; this grown-up pink acts as a reminder of her femininity, even as she takes to the wheel of the powerful pony 
  • Angel with a Leadfoot: Drive up and say “halo” to this celestial white. Whether worn alone or as an accent, white is essential to a woman’s wardrobe and to making a statement 
  • The Sky’s My Limit: There is nothing like the freedom of the open road and shimmering, endless blue sky. This aqua hue awakens a woman’s sense of adventure and is a trend shade for summer going into the fall. 
“Color is very personal to people and to how they express themselves,” said Susan Lampinen, Group Chief Designer, Color and Material, Ford Motor Company. “Similarly, color plays a key role in defining the character of a vehicle: Mustang paint colors need to denote performance, sportiness, and power. They are expressive, bold and eye-catching colors, like the ones chosen for this limited edition collection.”

Product Review & Photos By: Evelyn Casas
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*Press Release provided by PR for Ford for Distribution

Monday, October 20, 2014

MAGIC MARKET WEEK DAY 2: Discover the brands of ENK Vegas via Video Interviews

Monday, October 20, 2014 - by Shalanda Turner · - 0 Comments

The Founder of ENK International with Whitney Port and Christina Caradona.
Day 2 of MAGIC Market Week was of course a whimsical, fashion blur! All of the tradeshows were opened on the 18th and Heather and I tried to be strategic with our plans to cover this massive event. We decided to head over to Mandalay Bay and hit up all the tradeshows over there first! Our first stop was ENK Vegas. The ENK Vegas tradeshow focuses on women-only brands, from up and coming to established brands. 

The first brand we visited was AS by DF and Astars.  I filmed Heather interviewing Denise, the founder and designer of both lines! 



Of course stopping by Trina Turk was fun! Lots of bright colors as always!

I stopped by the Lisa Freede Jewelry booth to check in on the brand that I recently discovered! During the ENK Coterie show in New York, my colleagues Arielle Breedyk and Michelle Elise Harding conducted an interview with Lisa Freede, and I fell in love with the pieces! So I of course had to stop by their booth at ENK Vegas during MAGIC.  Alyson Freede, Lisa Freede's daughter and Vice President of the company was on site. I asked her a few questions about the company and working with her mom.  


LISA FREEDE Jewelry Collection

I can't believe I never heard of Show Me Your Mumu before now! But now that I know about it, I need to order some stuff. I was taking a little break on the couch just outside of their booth and i turned around and saw this lady in this amazing romper! I had to get up and find out more about the clothes and the label! Turns out, the lady was the designer and co-founder herself, Cologne Schmidt! So of course I had to film an interview! 


Cologne Schmidt, Co-Founder & Designer of Show Me Your Mumu!

I've been in love with Hammitt LA handbags every since I discovered them inside Henri Bendel 5th Avenue last October during my trip there for LuckyFABB! Once again I was taking a break, this time a food break, and plopped down on the tables at the snack bar and turned and saw the Hammitt LA booth! Not only did I hop on over to view the bags I love so much, but I ran into the same merchandising director for the brand that I met inside Henri Bendel that fateful day in October. Since he's a brand merchandiser he visits stores that carry their lines to do the displays, etc.  I asked Francisco all about the bags in the interview below! 


So of course I wasn't satisfied with just Francisco having all the fun showing off the handbags, I had to do it too! I make this bag look good! 

ENK Vegas hosted a cocktail hour in their Oasis Lounge Space with Fashion Designer and Reality TV Star Whitney Eve and New York Fashion Blogger Christina Caradona from the blog, Trop Rouge. To be honest, I had never heard of Trop Rouge or Christina, but with a million fashion bloggers out there, that's not hard to accomplish! 

Whitney Eve Collection at her ENK Vegas booth.

Sooooo many rows of brands and brands, and this was just ONE tradeshow! You really have to budget your time wisely at MAGIC Market Week, and really target what you must and need to see!
When I sat down and discovered that I was right near Hammitt LA, I was sitting in the Boutiika Lounge. Reps for Boutiika gave me the 411 on how their company helps small brick & mortar shops that also sell online manage their inventory! It was very cool and made me want to start a boutique!
Snack Bar & Boutiika Lounge

These monitors were throughout all of Magic Market Week and reshared tweets from anyone using the #MagicReady hashtag.

WHAT I WORE: Crop, Meow, & Cheetah

- by Shalanda Turner · - 0 Comments

I'm playing blog catch-up like a mad woman! There's just not enough time in the day or enough time when you work a full time job and run around to events in the evening and travel!! Anyway, this particular #OOTD look is from August. I wore this ensemble to the FGI-Houston Fall Trends Event at Elaine Turner. You can read the event recap here. I love this crop top from Target. It's a Summer top that was on sale, and I snatched it up. The best part about living in Houston? The extended summer temperatures making summer sale items still wearable!  

Pictured with Chloe Dao, Aubrie Layne, and Elaine Turner
Cat Ears: H&M
Crop Top: Mossimo (Target)
Necklace: Aldo Accessories
Watch Necklace: Rewind Jewelry
Handbag: Henri Bendel
Bracelets: Aldo AccessoriesWatch: MICHAEL Michael Kors
Jeans: NY & Company (More Jeans)
Flats: Gap 
Hat: Elaine Turner


Sunday, October 19, 2014


Sunday, October 19, 2014 - by Shalanda Turner · - 4 Comments

Yes it's true that I attended MAGIC Market Week (MAGIC) in August, but I feel it's never too late to blog about a fabulous fashion experience. Plus, MAGIC is bi-annual, so these posts will prep you for the February 2015 edition! After arriving in Vegas 2 days early, and enjoying a mini-vacation, blogger pal, Heather and I were rested (sort of...) and ready to go for Day 1 of MAGIC.  MAGIC is comprised of ten trade shows, but only one trade show was open on Day 1; Sourcing @ Magic. Sourcing at Magic focuses on the global supply chain. Without a strong focus on supply chain, your fashion business is bound to fail. Supply chain includes everything from manufacturing, technology, logistics, shipping, and more!  

On our way to Sourcing we stopped to take a few photos of the trade show banners. Can you spot Heather and I in the door reflections?

With the push to have everything "Made in the US", foreign countries have to work harder than ever to prove that they are safe and economical options to manufacture clothes! Over 35 countries were represented at Sourcing with a strong focus on Shenzhen, China! 
Heather, of course, ran into an old friend from Los Angeles!
Sourcing at Magic had a full schedule of panels throughout the week.  Because they were the only show open on Sunday it made it easy to attend their panels. I sat in the first panel featuring Nicole, the Marketing Director from ModCloth and Ashley of Red Clay Design. The panel was moderated by Macala Wright who I actually met in Austin a year or two ago at the Texas Style Council. Watch portions of the panel below or on my YouTube Channel here:

The Sourcing Lounge was designed by Laurel & Wolf. Laurel & Wolf are a unique interior design firm! Founded by Leura Spielman and Brandon Kleinmann, they L&W works to make interior design affordable and accessible to all. Laurel and Wolf keep a staff of interior designers that are aligned to clients based  on style boards reviewed and approved by the client! One day, when I'm designing my mogul space, I'm calling upon Laurel & Wolf!
How fun is this couch in the Sourcing Lounge? I loved the fuzzy pillow! It was super comfy.
Macala Write, Ashley, & Nicole
Before I returned for the panel at 1:30 featuring Red Clay and Modcloth, I roamed around the booths at Sourcing. Directly across from The Sourcing Lounge was the Jeanologia booth. Jeanologia works to find environmentally-friend, and efficient ways to finish different textiles, with a strong focus on denim.  Denim seemed to be the overall theme of Sourcing.


Where there are bloggers and a Photo Booth.....

Heather found a vintage pop-up shop! While I can appreciate a vintage garment, or vintage-inspired garment, Heather is the queen of Vintage!

Outside of Sourcing, MAGIC was selling tons of books related to Fashion & Fashion Design.

One of the last things I viewed before the end of the day was a video interview with Leura Spielman of Laurel & Wolf! That was cool, because I'm really interested in doing more video interviews for Live Life in Style so I had tons of questions for the camera crew! 


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