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Friday, April 24, 2015

SPONSORED: Enter FLOR Houston's Design Challenge This Tuesday!

Friday, April 24, 2015 - by Shalanda Turner · - 1 Comment

As you can tell from some of my recent posts and activities that I've been getting more and more into interior design and home decor offerings! From hosting a gig at Modani Furniture, to partnering with Pier 1 Imports & attending Manor's launch party, I've had more than my share of home decor items to enjoy! And today's post is no different! Have you ever heard of the carpet company FLOR? FLOR is a modern take on your average carpet. They offer unique carpet squares that allow their customers to customize their final carpet needs! And guess what? They are hosting a design challenge this Tuesday, at their Houston location at 2800 Kirby Drive! 

So how does the design challenge work? 
The challenge will be held at 11 store locations around the US, including Houston on April 28th from 5pm to 8pm. The event will be hosted by award-winning designer Robin Wilson, author of Clean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle.  Everyone who comes into the store, will be able to assemble a small-scale version of a FLOR rug out of 30 sample-size carpet tiles, to enter the competition.  Robin, will assist in choosing the top rug design of the evening.  The winners from each location will receive an 8 by 10 version of their rug design (a $900 value)!! But that's not all! The 11 final designs will be posted on and open for public voting July 6th through 15th. The winning design of the online votes will be featured in a FLOR Line and 50% of the sales from their design will go to a charity of the winner's choice! Um! Can we say, I'm In! 

If this sounds just as fun to you as it does to me, than join me, this Tuesday, April 28th at FLOR Houston to enter the competition, meet Robin, and enjoy the creative vibes that the event is sure to provide

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post. Photos provided by FLOR. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - by Shalanda Turner · - 0 Comments

It's that time of year again! Time for Texas' International Comic Con titled Comicpalooza and yours truly is one of the official bloggers for the event! The Texas Comic Con is hosted in Houston and hits the city May 22nd-25th. With featured guests Jeremy Renner, Colbie Smulders, Stan Lee, Peter Winkler and more, it's bound to be a fun time!  Registration for Comicpalooza is already open and if you don't want to wait for the results of my giveaway, you can use discount code HoustonNerdsUnite2015 to receive the following dollar amounts off of tickets:
  • $5.00 Off of 4 Day Passes
  • $3.00 Off of 1 Day Passes
Ticket prices are as follows and can be purchased HERE:
Friday or Monday — Adult General Admission (Ages 13+) $25
Saturday or Sunday– Adult General Admission (Ages 13+) $35
Any Day — Child General Admission (Ages 6-12) $10

This will actually be my FIRST Comic Convention and I couldn't be more excited! Yes, fashion is a huge passion of mine, but it's only one of many! And now I'll admit to you that I'm a FANGIRL! My whole life I've been into superheroes, sci-fi & fantasy. My favorite movies are Star Wars, Lord of the Rings & Harry Potter. I'm obsessed with the story line of Batman & Superman and I watch The Flash & Arrow religiously. However, with all this love for the "unreal", I've yet to attend a Comic Con. One of my life goals is to attend the famed San Diego Comic Con one day, but until then, I'll have fun at Comicpalooza! I'm super excited to see Jeremy Renner, Peter Mayhew, Stan Lee, Jason Isaacs, Colbie Smulders and basically anyone else I can get a hold of! I also plan on dressing up! Right now I'm debating between being STORM or XENA!  Anyway you can join me, with your family for every day of Comicpalooza by winning the Family 4 Pack I'm giving away below! The pack is for every day of Comicpalooza so you don't have to miss a thing!

While these passes will get you into Comicpalooza for free, there are some additional items that have to be paid for including autographs and photos! Here's a link to the pricing for both of these activities.

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post, thoughts & opinions are my own.

Monday, April 20, 2015

SPONSORED: Celebrate the new Woodlands' Pier 1 Imports with Giftcard Giveaway!!

Monday, April 20, 2015 - by Shalanda Turner · - 2 Comments

Have I mentioned that I have a home-buying bug right now? Yes! I think within the next year or so, I'll be making the steps towards becoming a home-owner! I love everything about owning a home, from owning my own property, to do whatever the heck I want with it as far as holes in the wall and decor.  I watch HGTV religiously and have a stockpile of ideas for decor and renovation when the time comes. One of the stores I plan on frequenting is Pier 1 Imports, and guess what? There's a new one opening today, April 20th in the Woodlands at the Hughes Landing Shopping Center! Here's more information from the press release on the opening:

Pier 1 Imports is pleased to announce the opening of its newest store in The Woodlands, TX. The new store is located at 2025 Hughes Landing Blvd. in the Hughes Landing shopping center. The total retail square footage of the store is approximately 8,700 square feet. The store officially opens on Monday, April 20. Customers, through April 22 will receive a free reusable bag and an iconic Pier 1 Imports backscratcher in celebration of the new store opening.

In honor of the store opening Pier 1 Imports and I are providing you with an opportunity to win a gift card to the store! Giveaway rules are below, but first check out my picks from Pier 1 Imports! 

I love the style and color of this couch! I actually really love furniture with deep button tufting! When it's a couch I think of Elizabethian era, but when it's a chair, I think of 1920s board rooms! Not sure why the length of the seat with the deep buttons changes the time period for me, but I think it's cool! I'd be nervous about the color, but I love the look it would add to my living room! I chose to accent it with side tables in another shade of blue, and retro lamps!

This is of course a modern couch, but I loved the deep mahogany shade of the couch! I wanted a contrasting color for the photos so I opted for teal! I would love to come home to this living room every day!

And what would a visit to Pier 1 be without a glance at their outdoor furniture. I can easily envision these pieces on my future patio! Perfect for hosting an outdoor bbq or just some outdoor reading!

I've always wanted a floor length mirror! The mother of pearl mirror in the collage below would be perfect in any entry hallway. I also love room dividers and picked a classic design and color for the one I would use in my home (lower right).  Wall sconces, statues, monogrammed pillows, and a "warm your hear" door mat can only add to the appeal of my home! I also love city skylines, so I would definitely have some sort of skyline wall art above my couch.  And even though I don't really use clocks for time anymore, they make for great decor! I loved this rustic teal clock.  And don't forget about your dinner guests! Table settings have to be perfect, and that's why I picked this placement and accent napkin design!

Pier 1 Picks

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post, thoughts, picks, and opinions are my own. Photos from with permission for use.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

EVENT RECAP: Beauty, Business, & Blogger Networking Luncheon

Saturday, April 18, 2015 - by Shalanda Turner · - 0 Comments

Last Saturday, I attended the Latinas Who Launch Beauty, Business, & Blogger Networking Luncheon at the Downtown Club. The event was sponsored by IMAN Cosmetics. Additional sponsors for the event were Paychex and INCA Kola.  The venue was nice! This was actually my first time in the Downtown Club! I didn't even know it existed! I've been in Houston for almost 6 years and I'm still discovering new locations almost every day! Anyway, I was invited to attend the event by Dee Rivera at Dee & Co Group.  I'm not Latina, but I love supporting all culture groups in the city and as a blogger, I definitely wanted to attend!  The premise of the event was to bring Latina business and media influencers in the city together to hear from an expert panel, network, and experience a fun beauty bar.  The featured panelists for the event were Paychex spokesperson, Natalie Velasquez, INCA Kola USA representative Eddie Rodriguez, and Miss Houston Latina, Alma Alvarez. 

Prior to the panel, guests of the event were treated to a hot lunch from the club that featured yummy crab cakes, a photo booth and makeup and hair touch-ups. About an hour and 15 minutes into the event we were asked to gather for the panel. Dee opened up the panel session by introducing each panel member.  Each panelist took a turn speaking to the audience.  Miss Houston Latina, Alma Alvarez inspired us to use our dreams as a platform for success. Natalie Velasquez of Paychex reiterated the importance of paying it forward, and Eddie Rodriguez finished up with the importance of investing in the Latina community.  The current CEO of INCA, Elizabeth Chalas Berman, was unable to attend, but she sent her speech to Dee to read to the crowd. It was full of drive and conviction, and made me want to run out and start a business ASAP! After each speech, the panel was opened up for Q&As. 

If you missed the luncheon, you can view the live stream here:

After the panel, guests resumed networking, getting their makeup done at the Eye bar by Iman Cosmetics, Hair styles at the Dry Bar booth by stylist Mary Catherine Jimenez and participating in raffles and giveaways. Each guest left with a gift bag that had information on INCA Kola, Paychex, and makeup from IMAN Cosmetics.Check out photos from the event on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #IMANLatina 

Friday, April 17, 2015

EVENT RECAP: Primavera Fashion Show 3

Friday, April 17, 2015 - by Evelyn · - 0 Comments

The final and last fashion show for Primavera featured looks from Banana Republic, L.K. Bennett, Brooks Brothers, Club Monaco & Trina Turk. By the time this show was ready to start, the crowd was excited, having sat through the  2 previous shows, they had a general idea of what to expect! The shows featured looks that gave myself and the crowd new ideas for this season. The styling of each outfit was amazing, from the hair to the make-up. I enjoyed seeing all the new trends that will be available to us throughout the season.
 The first handsome gentleman to come out was wearing this fashionable brown leather jacket. 

This was one of my favorites from Banana Republic. The styling of this romper is comfortable and effortless. 
Did you catch this cute clutch? The front and back are different and say super cute quotes. 

This look was definitely my favorite from the Banana Republic Spring collection. I loved each piece individually. The vest reminds me of a safari and I would wear it with or without a dress. 

This styling was very unique in my opinion. The shorts look very casual and the shoes let you know it's a casual outfit, but the blazer adds something different. Very Hampton-esque!

How handsome does he look? This is a very pulled together look.

I love how simple this dress is. However, the first half of the dress is amazing. It has details and is proper for the work environment.
This was my favorite out of the L.K. Bennett collection. I loved the styling! I think it's something different and not something many would think of. I love how the yellow and orange give that extra pop of color. And of course I love a daisy print. 
I noticed yellow was in during the Primavera fashion shows. This dress is simple which is great because it can be dressed up or down. 
This was definitely the most sophisticated dress that came down the runway. 

I am obsessed with this dress. I love the print and I love the colors. It is perfect for Spring!

I must admit, I never thought of Brooks Brothers as a women's retailer. I was kind of suprised to see some of the women's looks. For example, this outfit, which is very cute, was something unexpected from this store. 

This was exactly what I was expecting from Brooks Brothers. I imagine a well dressed, put together, handsome man. 
Ok, ladies this is a great dress to give yourself a figure. The black side panels will make you appear slimmer and the print is extremely cute.  
This was my favorite for Brook Brothers. It is perfect to attend church on Easter Sunday. 
How fun is this skirt? I loved the color and the print. I must admit, I was impressed. 

I fell in love with this dress. This is such a pretty shade of green and it can be styled with gold accessories. I loved how simple they kept the styling, but the belt added that little bit of extra without taking too much from the color. 
This was my favorite look from the Club Monaco collection. I loved the pieces together and I would love them individually. 
This was another one of my favorites! This adds a twist to the "little black dress".
This whole outfit is perfect for that summer getaway to the beach. It is stylish and practical because you can easily wear your swim suit underneath. 
So, I know this bag is supposed to be for men, but can I wear it? 
The question is what did I not like from this collection. I am in love with every outfit. Everything was interesting and super cute. 
This shirt was so cute! The best part is that since it already has details you don't have to add too much to it. 

I am loving this bright pink color. 
How cute is this styling? The shorts are super cute and the white jacket adds a little more to the ensemble. 
My favorite flower is a daisy! So it is only natural that I like this dress. 
This dress is perfect to wear on vacation while having dinner. Just wear a gold high heel and cute bangles and your are done. The lace and the cuts on the side speak for themselves.

Written by Evelyn Casas


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